Improvisation is an exciting topic. Pure improvisation is the one created step by step. How fantastic is teaching dance patterns that involve imagination and originality!

Although it is a pleasure for me to manage experienced groups and teach them patterns involving body control, every time I found myself with mid (and advanced) level groups I realized that their basics were very poor and they lacked of fundamental concepts. Consequently, I draw special attention to the basics, trying to cover as many topics as possible, in a rather tedious and occasionally boring stage. That is why working with varied and attractive movements is a key aspect for maintaining the student entertained while learning.

I think that improvisation ability is supported by basic ideas that are the fundamentals for this essentially free dancing.

Everything is built upon a base work done consciously and with dedication, after passing through fixed outlines which are been left aside as self-confidence grows.

From initial movements to combinations, they are all provisional tasks that offer content to assimilate and positive feelings in the practice itself.

My method is what I consider the most suitable one for covering the contents necessary for acquiring new resources and freedom to create in the future.