Technique (From: http://guillermo-tango.blogspot.com/)

Dancing is not just moving. Dancing is moving along music with definite movements Everybody who like dancing knows how to appreciate a movement that is esthetically acceptable, having grace, style and elegance. The best way to achieve this movement quality is departing from a good technical base and then building intelligent constructions upon it, with your own adding and “tics” which embellish movements in a personal way.

Tango, as every dance style -and as every physical activity requiring a series of definite movements- should resort to a technical base. Once technique is acquired and repeated enough, it is not necessary to think about it anymore. In this way, we have time to create our own choreographies and freedom to allow sensations to enter our bodies.

Consequently, I suggest starting from learning basic movements technically well in order to have the grace that allows feeling the pleasure of dancing. Dancing teachers should analyze movements used in Tango and study its mechanics to give students clear information about the nature of each step.

As technique is acquired, students need constant repetition of exercises given in. Performing a balanced movement effortlessly leaves us time to enjoy dancing.

It seems sometimes that other looser dancing rhythms do not require so much technique as Tango, however; this visual effect is deceptive. In other dancing styles, certain badly performed movements can go unnoticed, which does not mean that we are doing it well.

Every rhythm requires learning specific movement techniques. What changes is teachers’ gradual demand on their students according to dancing level and time.